Why “News with Nipples”? Well, isn’t that what news is about these days?

This blog is about the news and sexism. And other stuff, of course, because it’s a personal blog. It is not a women-only space, but aims to make discussion open to anyone who wants to take part. Unless you’re a dickhead. This blog has a “no dickheads” policy.

My name is Kim Powell and I’m a former journalist, now doing a doctorate on young people and political news. I read the paper every day. Most of my posts about news stories are about Fairfax, because I don’t read New Ltd papers.

I was a judge in the Walkley young journalist of the year awards (online category), a speaker at the 2010 Emerging Writers Festival, and won the 2011 Sydney Writers’ Centre best Australian commentary blog (now the Australian Writers’ Centre). Aside from my work as a journalist, I’ve been published in Talking Writing, the NSW Writers’ Centre anthology of the best Australian writing about writing. I am also one of the founders of The Tipsy Rabbit, a bi-monthly event about words and ideas. I love speaking at festivals and on panels (hint hint).

This blog has been included in the National Library of Australia’s PANDORA archive:

PANDORA is a selective archive. The National Library and its partners do not attempt to collect all Australian online publications and web sites, but select those that they consider are of significance and to have long-term research value.

You can contact me on newswithnipples@gmail.com or on twitter at @newswithnipples.

If you are a content agency or someone trying to flog something, do not contact me to see if I want to blog about your client’s product. This includes infographics. The answer will always be no. And you’ll get the same answer if you offer to pay me to flog your client’s product. I do not promote products on this blog.

This is my personal blog. It does not reflect the views of any organisation I work for, have previously worked for, or may work for in the future. I am a former journalist. Here, I comment on the news. Most people understand that difference. Unlike our friend in the comments below…

47 responses to “About

  1. Had Open Mind untiil I Read...

    Got here idly looking around. Read your articles. AJA code of ethics requires a commitment to:
    # Honesty
    # Fairness
    # Independence
    # Respect for the rights of others
    You are ill suited to be or claim to be a journalist. You are an opinionated blogger. Michelle Grattan is a real journalist. I am not leaving an email address because I feel I have wasted 10 mins of my life which I will never get back and exchanging pleasantries will shorten my useful life even more. Regards.

    • Ha ha, clearly you’re not smart enough to know the difference between news reporting and writing about the news. And that until only has one i. Even your beloved Michelle Grattan writes opinion and analysis, as most journos are now required to do. Sucked in about your 10 minutes though. And I doubt you do anything useful, except give me someone to laugh at.

  2. My, my someone has read their ‘dummies guide to journalism’ haven’t they! Obviously, the 2009 included a new section on dot pointing.

  3. thank goodness for an opinionated blogger, god helps us when you get ‘qualified!!’

  4. Men have nipples too! Why not “the news with vaginas”?

  5. Fair enough! And that would be a pity, because your blog is a rollicking good read.

  6. Plus News with Nipples has an alliteration appeal. Perhaps it could be ‘views with vaginas’

    • Oooh, that’s good. Although I think it has to be Vaginas with Views, because Views with Vaginas makes me think of rolling hills, dotted with falcons. Which then reminds me of cracking up about a place called Hymans Beach.

  7. FYI people get hooked by your nipples not your news. (But not me……..this time.)

    I got you while looking for a Luciel BOGAN song and she was a lot more honest about HER nipples (I hope.)

    But your right some of the people you attract are seriously weird even if I did have to make this judgement based on sterero-types. But thats a whole new issue to poke fun at you over.

    Thanks for the laugh.

    I might come back.


  8. Hey Nipples,
    Not sure if you have caught any of the Terry Richardson stuff (it seems to have been missed in the Age, which is strange cos it’s all about sex, nudity and porny fashion photos). Anyway, thought you might be interested in what my favourite 13 year old blogger Tavi has to say:
    …sorry if I am posting this in the wrong spot.

    • Hey Jenna, thanks for the link. Terry Richardson is a giant pervy douchebag. Oops, there I go breaking my comments policy about name calling. There’s a guy called Richard Kern who is similar, although prefers himself as more “edgy” than “high fashion”. Yeah, because it’s so edgy to take photos of hot nude chicks. *rolls eyes*

    • Yes! If ManFriend lets me, I’ll post a photo of his buck’s party costume on the weekend – the theme was dodgy 70s cop. Never before have greasy hair, a mo and lots of man thigh looked so good!

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  11. Some of your readers are right. Rollicking good fun and entertainment! Thanks, will be back:-)

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  13. Is it all right to ask your advice?
    I’m thinking of writing a post about school bullies and how their half-baked apologies via Facebook don’t change what they did to me. Do you think I should try and get it published as an article in a newspaper?

    • Go for it. Do you want it in a newspaper, or on an opinion site, like The Drum? That way people can share it, link to it, send it to their friends. I don’t know if The Drum pays contributors though…

  14. Would you be interested in helping me write it?
    I’m also having a battle with people over the school formal – You’d think it was 1905 with how much they are pushing the traditional frills and heels. Why should i look like the Grand Duchess Anastasia from 1914 just to meet someone’s sexist and archaic view of femininity?

  15. Hi there,

    I couldn’t find an email address, so I thought I’d comment here.

    I run the Daily Wire (an Australian political discussion forum & blog site – dailywire.com.au), and have recently put together a site to help fight against the tide of misinformation and obfuscation in our nation’s media surrounding climate change and the government’s plans to put a price on carbon. The site supports the government’s plans, and can be found here – http://www.carbontax.net.au

    I’m wondering if you’d be willing to link to this site in your blogroll and perhaps refer to it in your latest post? I’m, of course, happy to post a reciprocal link in the site’s blogroll.

    I plan to contact as many blog owners as I can and ask them to do the same. With what I know about search engine optimisation, there isn’t much competition out there on carbon tax related keywords. If enough blogs link to the site, I’m certain it can climb very high in the Google rankings. The internet presents one major way we can bypass our short-sighted media.

    If you do feel like linking, the best anchor text to use in the link is “Carbon Tax”, although you may find that not descriptive enough, in which case “Carbon Tax Facts” or “Carbon Tax Australia” would be good too. By anchor text, I mean the text that the html link tags are wrapped around, or the “name” of the site in your blogroll if you’re using wordpress.

    I realise that the phrase “carbon tax” is contentious, and actually clarify the difference between a carbon tax and the government’s plans on the site. However, as most people refer to it as the carbon tax, it’s useful from a search engine perspective to target those keywords.

    If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the site, I’m all ears.

    JJ Fiasson

  16. Hey, Kim

    Out of curiosity, I googled your blog. I like the graphic of the nipple cake across the top of the site, that’s clever. (Although, I’d probably only come back here if I’m sure no one’s watching; you know how things can get easily blown out of proportion.)

    I liked your posts about Gillard and Rudd; I thought it was pretty funny. I haven’t followed the news in quite a fair while, so naturally, I missed that one, but even if I did, I don’t care much for politics either, so I still might not have noticed unless it was shoved in my face.

    I haven’t explored much yet, so I’m gonna go click on ‘You Googled What?’ now. See ya.

  17. I read your post about Malcolm Farr. Heheh accurate and funny. The man’s words are painful to read. Anyway I came across this clip yesterday. It is two guys discussing the Malcolm Farr story when a Triple J guy called Julia Gillard a whore. The clip is very un PC but boy do they go after Malcolm and his journalism style. “F**king hack” I believe are the words used. http://tinyurl.com/7umvtol

    • I love the bit where they say “Malcolm Farr is the national political editor for News.com.au and he’s using twitter to fish for stories. Wow, Malcolm, do you fucking suck as a journalist. I’m embarrassed for this guy”. Wasn’t so impressed when they veered into the PM’s appearance.

  18. Great to meet you on Saturday Kim and having had a look around your blog I should also thank you for writing about sexism in the news. Great work!

  19. Exactly why I couldn’t stay the whole day…! In my case holding the party for 4 year-old, oh my, sanity just recovering!

  20. Two of them were mine so sadly…

  21. LOVING this! :-)))))))

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