Why “News with Nipples”? Well, isn’t that what news is about these days?

This blog is about the news and sexism. And other stuff, of course, because it’s a personal blog. It is not a women-only space, but aims to make discussion open to anyone who wants to take part. Unless you’re a dickhead. This blog has a “no dickheads” policy.

My name is Kim Powell and I’m a former journalist, now doing a doctorate on young Australian adults, news consumption, and political participation.

This blog has been included in the National Library of Australia’s PANDORA archive:

PANDORA is a selective archive. The National Library and its partners do not attempt to collect all Australian online publications and web sites, but select those that they consider are of significance and to have long-term research value.

You can contact me on newswithnipples@gmail.com or on twitter at @newswithnipples.

This is my personal blog. It does not reflect the views of any organisation I work for, have previously worked for, or may work for in the future.

Go on, you know you have something to say...

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