Hang out on news websites long enough and you’ll drown in the quirky human interest stories that used to be at the end of the tv/radio news. It’s no surprise, given they’ll dealing with people who are bored at work:

One hundred thousand men sick of copping a monthly serve from cranky wives and girlfriends have signed up for an online reminder service that warns when pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) is about to hit.

Apparently, 4000 Australians have signed up. With 10.4 million men in the country, that’s only 0.0384615%.

There are two things about this story that make me uneasy: firstly, in their rush to present new news all day, news websites promote trivial stories based on small web-based groups; and secondly, the sexism is barely noticed. I’m not about to go all angry-feminist on you, but the story could just have easily been ‘At least 100,000 men worldwide are unable to work out how long a monthly cycle is’.

Check out this other clanger from the same website: Desperate son had sex with mum. Makes you think mum offered her services, doesn’t it? The headline should have been ‘Son rapes wheelchair-bound mum’.

2 responses to “PMSbuddy

  1. my ex boyfriend (an IT geek) actually designed his own program based on ‘my cycle’. One week before I was due on, it literally flashed red lights at him to warn him of impending mood swings and an overwhelming desire for ice cream. I was never sure whether to be pleased that he was showing an interesting in me, my body and our relationship or whether I felt outright insulted. In the end I think he meant well and rationalised that, after all he’s just geek!

    • An IT geek eh? Seems you have a type Lexy! The stupid thing about PMSBuddy is that there are heaps of guys (and girls) who can’t have an adult conversation about periods with someone they’re having regular sex with. A few years ago I wrote an article for the SMH on how movie sex is bad for your love life, and one of the experts I interviewed said we teach sex education in schools but not relationship education.

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