Madonna bashing

To show I’m not biased against News Ltd websites, here’s a dig at the Sydney Morning Herald and the latest media sport, Madonna bashing:

“Madonna has received 100 copies of the horror movie ‘It’. The 4 Minutes singer has been inundated with DVDs of the famous film since it was reported last week her ex-husband Guy Ritchie refers to her by the insulting term.”

What a nasty little story.

Here’s a multiple choice question for you: Why is Madonna’s marriage breakdown reported with glee? Is it because:

a) she won’t disappear now that she’s 50;
b) she married someone younger (oh yawn, let’s have this conversation again about double standards);
c) her body shows how lazy the rest of us are;
d) she won’t reveal the secret to her young face.

Let’s go with option e) all of the above.

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