SMH – Snide Madonna Hecklers

The Sydney Morning Herald has taken another shot at Madonna, this time “reporting” that her boyfriend’s 18-year-old ex has called her a “ridiculous old bag”.

Hilariously, the girl goes on to say Madonna – one of the most famous women on the planet – is only dating 22-year-old Jesus Luz for publicity. Surprise, surprise, they’ve gone with an unflattering photo of Madonna.

I haven’t bought a Madonna album since True Blue in 1986 so I’m hardly a fan, but the constant sniping by the SMH towards a woman who has been at the top of her industry for 25 years is really pissing me off. It’s mean, and it shows the broadsheet is only a small step away from enlarging celebrity photos to point out cellulite.

One response to “SMH – Snide Madonna Hecklers

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