Politics and fashion

Why is the deputy political editor of the UK’s Daily Telegraph writing about what Sarah Brown, the wife of the British PM, is wearing?

Apparently she’s ‘resorted to renting dresses’. There’s no way she can win this one. If she’d been buying designer outfits she’d be criticised for leading a decadent lifestyle. If she got them for free, she also be criticised – as Cherie Blair was. And if she dared to wear the same thing twice, good lordy she’d be ridiculed.

But at least journo Robert Winnett didn’t use outdated stereotypes in his desire to publish a rumour. Oh hang on, he did:

“She is thought to have taken out a mortgage on a flat owned by the couple which helps fund her spending while her husband remains Prime Minister.”

Which brings me back to the original question: Why is the deputy political editor of a respected broadsheet writing about what the Prime Minister’s wife is wearing?

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