Blaming the victim, again

In the Sydney Morning Herald today is a court story where the focus is yet again on the victim, not the perpetrator (which always sounds like a nasty vibrator). What’s unusual is that the victim is male – a cop who is now wearing the proverbial short skirt and asking for it.

When Constable Robert Hogan took Corporal Aristotelis Koutsoubos to court for biting him on the face, the other bloke’s lawyer used details from Hogan’s Facebook page to show he was a bit of a knob who liked to drink. Helpfully the paper includes two photos ripped straight from Facebook, all of which makes it a story about Hogan, not about Koutsoubos who committed the crime.

But it’s a bit further down that really pisses me off.

“In another case, Saftwat Abdel-Hady was not so lucky.”

Abdel-Hady drugged and raped a woman, and photos of him on her mobile phone were used as evidence. But he was just unlucky, right?

“After a double dose of the sleeping pill Stilnox, his victim did not remember events before he indecently assaulted her at his Mosman apartment.” This makes it a story about the victim. If you haven’t done so, check out Anna Greer’s excellent article on the passive voice.

Later, the two journos call the pictures on the victim’s phone “happy snaps”. Oh what joy, what a lark.

And then this sentence, which makes Abdel-Hady out to be the poor victim of technology:

“The evidence helped to jail him for nearly six years despite his continual denial.” I could be wrong, but I reckon most rapists deny it.

3 responses to “Blaming the victim, again

  1. good to see a few people out there still give a rip about victims. Nice blog.

    mine’s at:

  2. In the same vain, I am disgusted by the coverage and media framing of the Matty Johns sex scandal. ‘Oh (back of palm on forehead) the shame, the embarrassment, his poor family, poor him being raked through the mud again’ etc etc etc. What about the shame and embarrassment of the abused woman – anyone, anyone?

    Throw in to this mix his, no doubt, tenuous definition of consensual sex and the cheek of Channel 9 using her abuse to effectively advertise The Footy Show and boost ratings. I am woman; hear me disapprove. Grrrrrr.

    • I know. I was going to post about his ‘oh, my poor family, how embarrassing’ nonsense (something he clearly should have thought about before waving his willy around) but who has the energy to keep having the same arguments? The way the SMH plastered Brett Stewart over the front page when he was back on the field after his suspension (for drunken behaviour, mind you, not the alleged sexual assault), cheering him on like he’d been unfairly sidelined, made me feel sick. Imagine how it made that poor girl feel?

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