Swine flu and tampons

In today’s Sydney Morning Herald is a graphic illustrating what to stockpile as part of the Government’s pandemic plan. Oddly, the Government has released details telling us to fill the cupboards with enough canned food and toilet paper to last two weeks, but says we shouldn’t start panic buying.

Sadly the graphic isn’t online, otherwise there’d be a link to it. Anyway, two things made me laugh. Firstly, we have to stockpile 42 litres of water each (three litres a day, apparently), and water purification tablets. Why? Is the water system suddenly going to stop working? And if so, why will the sewerage system be ok? If I’m going to be drinking three litres of water a day I want to know that I’ll still be able to flush.

The other thing we’re to stockpile is “feminine hygiene products” which makes it sound like they’re optional extras for little lady. In an age where the Pope can talk about condoms (albeit in a completely bonkers way), surely the Sydney Morning Herald can call them tampons and pads. Hell, even sanitary pads is better than feminine hygiene products.

As for spending 14 days inside your home so you don’t catch swine flu, there are no suggestions with how to deal with cabin fever.

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