Uncle Kev’s paid parental leave

Do you think there will be paid parental leave in next week’s Budget? The Productivity Commission recommends 18 weeks at $544 a week. It would be Government funded and businesses would pay less than $5 a week for each employee on leave, so all those bosses saying it will cost them an arm and a leg can go and shove that arm and leg up their backsides.

C’mon Uncle Kev. In September you said “It’s time Australia bit the bullet on this”. Don’t do an ETS on this too.

Check out the Productivity Commission’s draft report into parental leave and the implications for employers.

2 responses to “Uncle Kev’s paid parental leave

  1. In short, no. It has been deffered and deffered and deffered and so will be again (whith some purpotedly genuine recession based reasoning this time). I was only thinking the same thought the other day and wondering when it will ever get off the ground.

  2. i stand corrected!

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