Eat your carrots

Call me cynical but “introducing” paid maternity leave in 2011 is hardly a win when it’s after the next federal election. It’s like waving a giant carrot in front of the electorate. Certainly not the “jackpot”, Sydney Morning Herald.

Seriously Joe Hockey, is “the taxpayers will be slugged” the best you can do? Well duh. Why not just say “pull my finger” and fart at the camera if that’s all you’ve got. And if you think it’s acceptable for employers to now reconsider their own parental leave schemes – as you say they will – then you need to kick them up the backside. It is not acceptable, so stop playing politics with something that’s more important than you.

One response to “Eat your carrots

  1. there is of course Joe’s almighty assumption that women aren’t taxpayers! we are talking about working women here – so women who have paid taxes for just this sort of support…

    besides this is not just a woman’s issue, this is about families, the whole kit and caboodle – mums, dads, babies, siblings etc etc. Haven’t we heard the mantra ‘working families’ enough to be happy that someone is finally doing something viable to help them…if we vote Labor back in for 2011!

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