Gallop’s empty words

I have to start this by saying I didn’t see the Four Corners show on rugby league and sexual assault. (I was at a Popcorn Taxi gig seeing Pure Shit.) But I can comment on the way it’s being covered in the media – which is what this blog is supposed to be about.

This AAP story begins “The woman at the centre of sex allegations” which makes it sound like she’s just claiming she had sex with them. And the rest of the article implies she had sex with a group of footballers and now feels like such a dirty slut that she wants to hang herself.

The other wrong thing is the response from NRL boss David Gallop: “To the extent that this involves players who play our game, I felt it was appropriate that our game offers an apology”. To the extent that this involves players who play our game? Oh, right, for a minute there I thought the story was about a group of random men sexually assault a woman, not Cronulla Sharks players.

Gallop also said: “Violence against women is abhorrent and sexual assault and the degradation of women is just that. So much of what we saw last night was fundamentally indefensible. If anyone in the game today is ignoring the importance of that message, then frankly they will need to find another career.”

So, does this mean players like Anthony Cherrington and Craig Trindall will be dumped today? I doubt it.

And it is so depressing that league players have to go to classes to try and learn that women aren’t dumping grounds for sperm when you want to watch your mates have sex but don’t want to seem gay.

One response to “Gallop’s empty words

  1. Really interesting blog thanks!

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