Bogans and the new class war

Since when did it become ok for the media to label everyone who isn’t white, middle class and living in Sydney’s eastern suburbs a bogan? The Daily Telegraph calls Clare Werbeloff the “bogan chk chk boom” girl, complete with an unnamed “tattoo aficionado” – no doubt the journo’s mate – declaring her tat the “mark of a genuine bogan”. Over in the Sydney Morning Herald she’s called the “King’s Cross bogan“. Then there’s Australia’s Next Top Model contestant Cassi Van Den Dungen being called the “bogan model”, Melbourne’s Lord Mayor telling “louts to bogan it up at home”, the “bogan from Logan” Catherine McNeil, and on it goes.

Calling someone a bogan is a class judgement. The same newspapers and websites calling Clare Werbeloff a bogan wouldn’t dream of calling her white trash, which is essentially the same thing.

Mind you, it’s pretty amusing that the Daily Telegraph is leading the labelling charge against its core readership.

One response to “Bogans and the new class war

  1. how does one become a tat aficionado? Do you think TAFE offer a course?

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