The Chaser is not the Footy Show

On Wednesday night, 1.5 million people watched The Chaser, and only 30 complained. Some were offended by Julian Morrow trying to get the (female) Governor-General into the exclusively male Melbourne Club by throwing a dummy dressed like her over the club’s wall. It took him a while because he’s a crap thrower.

Anyway, people have compared it to the Footy Show‘s Sam Newman groping an underwear-clad mannequin featuring sports journo Caroline Wilson’s face. And it is. If by similar you mean both feature female mannequins.

There is a big difference between the two. While the Chaser skit is saying the only way to get a woman into the Melbourne Club is to literally throw her over the wall, the Footy Show skit was a direct attack on Wilson, taking a staple-gun to her face, looking her up and down in her underwear and calling her a “fair piece” and groping her breasts. Hardly the same thing.

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