Gordon Ramsay is either full of shit or a weirdo

Of course Gordon Ramsay knew he was going to have a go at Tracy Grimshaw at the Melbourne Food and Wine show. He brought a prop, for fuck’s sake. But apparently his “light-hearted banter” was “taken out of context”:

“I find it hard to believe that anyone was offended when it was a throwaway line that was not there to cause any upset… The sexist thing, that was the thing that upset me.”

Um, in what context would calling someone a ugly lesbian in need of botox and brandishing a picture of a nude woman on all fours with a pig’s face be in context? And who carries a picture like that around? And then shows it to an audience of cooking fans at a public event? And being called sexist upsets him, but he doesn’t think it would upset someone to be called an ugly lesbian pig-woman?

3 responses to “Gordon Ramsay is either full of shit or a weirdo

  1. I think the major points from all of this is a) that the Prime Minister and Deputy PM have to get involved. Just how sick is this country that they get involved in a trivial spat, and b) that the feminist/sexist card is played. Now its not OK to criticise women. Women don’t want equality, they want superiority. For the PM and Deputy PM to get involved just exposes them as firstly small-minded, and secondly as bullies.

    • I agree that the PM and DPM didn’t need to get involved, and that it is just a spat. However, while I can’t speak for all women – as no doubt you don’t speak for all men – I have to say that I do want equality. I’m not interested in superiority because I don’t think one gender is better than the other. And I don’t think the country is sick, as you say, just really bored. Our politicians are stripped of all personality once they get elected – hello, Peter Garrett – so the papers and news sites aren’t filled with their affairs, drunkenness, and dodgy doings – hello, rest of the world – which means stories like these are given much more air than they deserve.

  2. I saw Gordon Ramsey (albeit briefly, as I dislike the program) interviewed on Letterman. He was talking about his ex wife being a pit bull in the sack and then he was all nod, nod wink wink at the audience.

    I think that sets the record straight on his thoughts on women and answers your question of full of shit vs. weirdo. He was panting like a pit bull, full of excitement and all ‘waggy tailed’ when he said it, probably looking for his master’s (the audience) approval…or maybe he was just coked up!

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