Of course the women did it

On the front page of today’s Sydney Morning Herald, above the fold, is a very dodgy use of photos: Point Piper feud, a firebomb and a $17m lawsuit. At 10am, it’s also the main image on their website.

The story’s about a neighbourhood feud in one of Australia’s most expensive streets and involves three Tilley brothers (Ben, Adam and Simon), Ron Medich and Michael McGurk. Yet the photos are of Odetta Medich and Sally-Anne Tilley. Odetta is married to Ron and Sally-Anne is married to Adam, and that’s about the only mention they get in the story. So why use their images on the front page?

The story continues on page two, and includes photos of Michael McGurk and Ben Tilley – although the subs didn’t pick up that his surname was missing an e – and the house that was firebombed, so photos of the feuding men were very obviously available. Again, why weren’t their faces on the front page? To make it worse, the online version only carries photos of the women.

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