Kyle’s a wanker, literally

As Melinda Tankard Reist points out in today’s Online Opinion, the pathetic excuses given by Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O for asking an underage girl about sex and drugs on live radio are hollow:

Jackie O said the team never intended to stage a “sick stunt”.
“There is no way we would want to go down that path or put that girl in that situation …” she said.
But Jackie, you did put her in that situation.

And then Kyle Sandilands went crying “oh poor me, the media is out to get me”. Oh, boo hoo. Take some responsibility, you big baby.

Not being a fan of 2Day FM or Kyle and Jackie O, I wasn’t aware that the polygraph machine had been used before. Tankard Reist says it’s been used to quiz people about STDs, masturbation, anal sex, threesomes, and eating shit during sex. Classy.

But this bit is my favourite:
On May 6 this year, Kyle and his male radio announcer buddies (in a show syndicated around the country) held a competition in the station office to see who could masturbate the fastest and who had the largest sperm count.
With armloads of porn, they were sent to cordoned off toilets. One of the players returned and wiped his “sticky” hand through Jackie’s hair.

Now I’m not surprised they thought asking a minor about sex would be entertaining.

2 responses to “Kyle’s a wanker, literally

  1. Ok, so I am more than a little amused that Kyle is having a whinge about the ‘meeja’. Isn’t he, himself, a focal and vocal part of said media? It was my impression that he loves a good ole self sanctioned rant about the world and its bitch and to spray his knee-jerk and unsubstantiated opinions about like an oversexed tom cat. Sorry Kyle, but the public giveth and the public taketh away!

  2. It’s clear he thinks the only thing he’s in trouble for is asking if being raped was her only sexual experience. He (and Jackie O and their producer and 2Day FM) still can’t see that the whole thing should never have gone to air. And 2Day FM hasn’t said they did the wrong thing, just that the show is “in recess” because Kyle’s management told them he’s “unable to do his job”. Such a weak response.

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