I wish I’d said that

Rachel Hills has written a great piece for the Dawn Chorus about how the public reactions to Kyle and Jackie O and Matthew Johns says a lot about how we treat people who have been raped. There is still this disgusting public attitude that if a woman isn’t a virgin, then clearly she’s a dirty slut and is only making it up. I work in a newsroom where a story about the rape of a male is considered far more newsworthy than the rape of a female, instead of it being an horrific experience regardless of which hole is violated.

Anyway, this post is “I wish I’d said that” and John Birmingham on his Brisbane Times blog said it perfectly:
In what moral universe does interrogating an underage girl about her sexual history, while she’s hooked up to a polygraph and sitting in front of a live microphone, strike anyone as anything other the basest, most grotesque and abusive form of media exploitation imaginable?

3 responses to “I wish I’d said that

  1. The post was actually a guest post written by Rachel Hills.

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