I wish I said that #2

The Bitch Who Roared has a Media Misogyny Watch, with some great points about Charlie Pickering and Dave Hughes on Ten’s The 7pm Project. Check it out. (Her blog, not the tv show). It finishes with a comment from iblamethepatriarchy so true that I had to put it here too:

After hearing the “interview,” which was clearly child abuse (she was there against her will), it occurred to me that the fuckwad was demonstrating to the girl exactly what will happen to her if she ever accuses a man of rape: She will be grilled about “other sexual experiences” in order for the defense to claim she really is just a slut who wanted it and therefore the man must be innocent. Her feelings will be of concern to no one.

And you know what? I reckon I’m done blogging about him. He’s so tiresome.

4 responses to “I wish I said that #2

  1. Well I keep wondering what about Jackie O (made up name!). She seems happy to let Kyle take the fall (not that I will defend that piece of pond life) when she was just as big a part of this. I would think that, as a woman (kind of), she would have some sensibility here, but clearly not. Then again neither did the mother for that matter. In fact, I heard Jackie O interviewed saying how no alarm bells rang for her when staging this incident. Bizarre.

  2. Did you see Media Watch on Monday? I hadn’t heard the whole thing, just Kyle’s comments, but Jackie O was just as awful, laughing at the girl when she said she was scared. I still can’t believe all those adults failed to see that strapping an underage girl to a polygraph machine and asking her about sex on live radio was wrong. Worse, they thought it would be hilarious. And isn’t asking children about sex illegal?

  3. no didn’t see it but i read the transcript on line (cos even though I pretend to be erudite and interesting, essentially I am v dull).

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