The ethics of Twitter

Here’s a question: When you’re out with a friend and they post Twitter updates during the conversation, apart from being rude, is it a violation of privacy? Is it any worse than repeating the conversation to other people later?

I may be the only journo not on Twitter because I think it’s a load of wank. People talking about their Twitter posts bores me almost as much as hearing about their iPhone apps. And when journos write opinion pieces about how they’re addicted to Twitter – six months after it became popular – it reeks of lame. Yawn.

Anyway, when do social media rules evolve and are they based on the real world?

One response to “The ethics of Twitter

  1. I am sure that Sydney uni will have a course v soon on social networking and civic participation or something……….just in time for when people stop using it and move onto the next zeitgeist.

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