Truth and opinion

Does truth matter in opinion pieces? Does it matter if you tell a white lie to illustrate your point?

Personally, I think it does. If you have to lie to make your point, then perhaps you need to rethink that point.

The reason I ask is because a journo I know recently wrote an opinion piece in which she said she’d been to uni, when in fact she’s done one semester of a one year diploma. (Do you like how I haven’t included a link? It could have been a great piece, but it isn’t.)

Lying about your education to talk yourself up in the pub isn’t a big deal – I had a housemate years ago who told people she had a psychology degree, when she’d only done a semester of first year psych and then dropped out of uni. I thought it was pretty funny, since I do have a psychology degree.

But that’s different to saying you have a university education to show how successful you are. Still, it’s not up there with SMH blogger Samantha Brett presenting herself as a “single gal” when she’s in a long-term relationship.

2 responses to “Truth and opinion

  1. oh man.. i Hcccccccccccccchate samantha brett.
    dont get me started

    • I saw her topic the other day was ‘how to make him marry you’. Grrrr. It implies that all women just want to get married, that manipulation is ok, and that men are silly things who can be fooled into doing what you want.

      I normally don’t read her blog, but after reading Richie’s post on how ignoring Kyle won’t make him go away, I feel like I should swallow that bile and comment on her stupid sexist posts every now and then.

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