Ah, silly me

Kyle Sandilands thinks he was helping the mother of the teenage girl:

“It was unfortunate that lie detector went south, it really was. But the whole reason that mum came on here in the first place was because she was a single mum that was worried sick about her daughter and she had no where else to turn and she didn’t know where else to turn and what to do. She really was at her wits end. And, you know, the reason we took ourselves off air…we weren’t suspended, we weren’t fired, we weren’t anything…we took ourselves off air because we wanted the story to die down because at the end of the day it was a girl, it was a teenage girl, and we didn’t want her to have any more distress than what was already caused. No else gave a shit did they?”

Here I was thinking that he and Jackie O strapped a scared girl to a polygraph machine and asked her about sex for the titillation of their audience.

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