The banned list

Listeners are calling in to James Valentine’s show on 702 about conversations they never want to have again: what school do your kids go to; did you have IVF; I had a funny dream last night…

Here are some journo things I never want to read/hear again:

Love rat – why use two words when you can use one: cheater;

Seemingly endless – it only seems that way because you’re too dull to think of something better to say;

And finish with a slick of your favourite colour – it’s up there with “I’m loving this right now”;

Journos who include themselves in celebrity interviews, particularly with the pointless “I am waiting in the lobby…” – you are not, and will never be, Hunter S Thompson, and from the simple fact that you are quoting the celebrity in the article, I’ve figured out that you were there. I’m quite bright like that;

Quick, write a news story on this Twitter feed – Twitter is not a reputable news source.

Go on, you know you have something to say...

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