Asking the wrong question

Crikey has itself in a blather asking ‘why aren’t there any female political bloggers?’.

It started with a tweet from editor Jonathan Green asking why women don’t subscribe to Crikey. I’ve give you one reason: subscribing to Crikey is pretty low on my list of ‘Things I could do with $150’. Seriously, when was the last time it was any good? To answer my own question, I’ve signed up for a free trial. Will let you know how it goes.

But the thing that gets me is that blogger Scott Steel is asking the wrong question. Instead of asking why there aren’t any female political bloggers (which just shows either his ignorance or his narrow description of political), he should be asking why aren’t women interested in Crikey? Or in his blog?

4 responses to “Asking the wrong question


    Good post!
    Oh, and I just love the title.


    • Thanks! I always find it funny that a lot of men ask ‘why don’t women like blah blah?’ when what they really mean is ‘why don’t women like why I have to say about blah blah?’.

  2. Great angle and you’re so right.

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