Hissy fits are over?

Funny, when I read this headline in the SMH – Hissy fits are over – a woman’s in charge now – I thought it was a dig at women. You know, ‘stop your hissy fits about equality, we’ve put a woman in charge of something’. Turns out it’s about a woman getting the top job at the co-ed Wesley College at Sydney University. The hissy fit refers to male students hissing at Germaine Greer – then also a student – because she ate in their dining room after an invitation from one of the college tutors. Fifty years ago. No doubt none of the boys hissed at the man who invited her.

Update: After I posted this I wondered if I was being too sensitive. But ‘hissy fit’ is a term used to belittle female anger, so I reckon I’m right.

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