Crikey, it’s boring

So a while ago I said Scott Steel was asking the wrong question when he wanted to know why women didn’t subscribe to Crikey. And I said I’d signed up to a free trial to see if it had improved since last time I looked. That was on the 20th of August. It’s now the 31st and I haven’t read a single one. Why?

Well, for starters there are around 25 items in each daily email. Obviously – hopefully – they don’t think I’m going to read each one, but you’d think something would appeal? Even the articles on the media make my eyes glaze over. I wanted to read them, but all I could see was blah blah blah.

Perhaps I’m being a bit harsh. After all, I’m typing this through a haze of aches and snot, with a midden of used tissues at my feet. I’ve read the argument about women being too busy, that after their roles as employees, carers, menu planners, house cleaners, nose wipers and crazy sexpots, they simply don’t have enough time or energy to read Crikey, but I don’t buy it. If it was good, they’d make time to read it. Could it be that Crikey is just another email, rather than the essential reading they like to think it is? Have I just ensured I’ll never work for them? Does pseudoephidrine make you ask rhetorical questions?

Anyway, looks like I just saved myself $150.

5 responses to “Crikey, it’s boring

  1. No, I agree. I signed up for the trail during that kerfuffle too and I’ve not really seen anything that interests me. There was a list of top earnings by high profile people around Australia and sometimes the gossip section is slightly funny but not a must have subscription for me.

    • Then there’s the arrogance in the question – why aren’t there any female political bloggers? – rather than wondering why women aren’t interested in Crikey.

      I remember when Crikey began it was interesting. Someone in the office had a subscription and we all read it. So I don’t know if it’s changed or I have. It also feels like newspapers are more willing to report political rumours/backstabbing these days, so it’s not necessary to read Crikey to know about the undermining that’s going on.

  2. I just want to give you kudos for excellent use of the word ‘midden’. (This is Chloe as in ‘Chloe from the Freelance Journalism Convention, by the way. Hi! I haven’t emailed anyone I met there, but I *have* been reading your blog.)

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