The stink of sex

Here’s a question: Why does a wayward willy end John Della Bosca’s political career, yet Frank Sartor won’t even get a rap on the knuckles over his land bribes for big ALP donors? Are we that puritan that we can ignore incompetence and corrupt behaviour, but the minute sex is involved we demand a scalp? As far as I know, Della Bosca didn’t campaign for his seat on family values, so his affair is a matter for him and his wife (who should kick his arse). Sartor, on the other hand, should have his arse kicked right out of office. But he won’t. *Sigh*

Update: Why has every report on ABC radio today mentioned that Della Bosca had an affair “with a 26-year-old woman”? Why is her age so important? If she was a similar age, I doubt it would be reported. Is it voyeurism? Is it so other blokes his age can think “half his luck”? And speaking of his age, I’ve been searching for some time and can find no mention of how old he is, yet Belinda Neal’s date of birth is easy to find. I also can’t find date of birth details for Frank Sartor, John Hatzistergos, Eddie Obeid… But the scary thing is all the members of parliament that I’ve never heard of. There must be some annoyed constituents demanding their vote back.

3 responses to “The stink of sex

  1. I think I read in the SMH today that he is 53. I notice SMH has many articles about the relevance of affairs to political integrity and whether or not they should be reporting on them….of course this is in a 4 page spread reporting on the affair so make your own judgements there!

    Also have you noticed that the ‘jilted and ‘scorned’ words are back in full effect when referring to the girl involved in the affair and her reasons for outing him. Tell you what, I would not want to piss of Belinda Neal – I bet that girl’s name is in Belinda’s freezer now!

    • I saw that too, but it was hard to find any mention of his age yesterday. Now if only we can find someone to sleep with Joe Tripodi – and admit it in public.

  2. I think the malestream media just love to latch onto a story in which they can cast a woman in a dangerous and threatening role. It reinforces that idea that women are evil manipulative sluts who are secretly holding the balance of power.

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