Un-professional name-calling

Is it right for an expert to publicly comment on someone’s psychological state, based on that person’s appearance in the media?

Putting aside the question of whether someone has the right to remain anonymous when they use details of an affair to end someone else’s career, should a psychologist with “three decades’ experience” be telling a newspaper that the woman who had the affair with John Della Bosca is predatory, delusional, unstable, who “probably sought out powerful men” and has “a complete lack of emotional intelligence”.

Not only does clinical psychologist Janet Hall rubbish a woman she’s presumably never met, let alone had as a patient, she also gives cheaters everywhere an excuse for their bad behaviour: “There’s a woman we call the predator woman, the piranha woman, she circles the famous, the Shane Warnes and Wayne Careys.”

That’s hardly professional. Or fair.

Dr Hall goes on, saying the woman’s decision to tell her story is “extremely irrational”.

“She’s ruining her life because of the public humiliation that will follow because she’s vengeful and hurt,” Dr Hall said.

“She should have got some really good counselling and moved on with her life, obviously with someone who’s her equal and available.”

Hopefully the woman doesn’t ever go to Dr Hall for that counselling.

6 responses to “Un-professional name-calling

  1. I would say she’s breaching her profession’s code of ethics by blabbing such utter shite – there is no such category as “predator woman”, she’s just made that up in order to get a pat on the head from the media dudes and dudes generally.

    I guess it’s no coincidence that 9AM with David & Kim ran a story yesterday about what the nice respectable married women can do to thwart the advances of all those “brazen single hussies” who are out to steal their husbands.

    I notice even on Larvatus Prodeo, a supposedly progressive site, there are mutterings about bunny boilers.

    It’s enough to make a feminist want to go and throw a finger down her throat.

    • But only if you’re throwing a finger down your throat so you can vomit and lose weight and then be more attractive to men. Particularly the married kind.

  2. outrageous….that makes my commie pinko fembot (you can guess the source of that title) blood boil, hot enough to boil several bunnies in for that matter.

  3. Did you click on lauredlhel’s link? Dr Hall gets scarier…

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