Why is the SMH still sexist?

On the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald today is the inevitable “standing by her man” article: Why Della is a top bloke: Neal breaks her silence. Because apparently if your first response to a personal crisis isn’t to blab to a newspaper, it means you’re being silent.

Anyway, second sentence: And she has vowed to continue her political career despite her public humiliation. ”I’m not a quitter, never have been,” Ms Neal said yesterday.

Why on EARTH would Belinda Neal quit her job because her husband had an affair? If she had an affair, would Della Bosca be asked if he’s quitting his job? Highly fucking unlikely. And I thought Della Bosca was the one who’s been humiliated.

One response to “Why is the SMH still sexist?

  1. I can think of many reasons why Belinda Neal should quit, but none of them have anything to do with her husband..darn it now I’m in the freezer too.

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