Sex and sexism

Do we honestly think men are completely at the mercy of their pants? That they are unable to control their lust, particularly when a saucy minx arrives to tempt them from their marital bed? If that was really the case, then sexual assault wouldn’t be a criminal offence. So why is this sexist image still used in reporting?

The first sentence of this AFP story, picked up by and reads:

THE teenager at the heart of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s marital woes denies any responsibility in the break-up of his marriage, in an interview to be telecast on Sunday in Italy.

Do we really think the Italian Prime Minister is that easily manipulated? By a teenager? If Berlusconi – or any married person – has an affair, then the responsibility for the effect that has on their marriage is theirs.

The article then goes on to pit the two women against the other, no doubt hoping for a catfight where they rip each other’s clothes off. And then pash.

I remember seeing the cover of a tabloid mag a few months ago, screaming “Hollywood homewreckers” and featuring photos of women – because men don’t wreck their own marriages, right? – and thinking that we still have so far to go.

One response to “Sex and sexism

  1. Touche Kim for exposing all the hairy subjects! If my memory serves me here, I think Berlusconi’s “teenage” lover started out being 18yrs of age and ended up 26 yrs of age in some of the reportage. Either way, this narcissistic, self-serving public official and his continual grab at youth is clearly disguising ailing leadership woes. I don’t think this Lothario PM will be able to ramp it up for much longer on any stage. Thankfully, most Italians take him lightly with their morning lattes too.

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