Haven’t we had enough of Kyle Sandilands?

I don’t usually resort to name calling – particularly online – but Kyle Sandilands has served up such a massive helping of pot-calling-the-kettle-black that I can’t stay away.

This morning on his show (and it is his show, they’re not fooling anyone by calling it the Kyle and Jackie O Show), he said of Magda Szubanski: “You put her in a concentration camp and you watch the weight fall off … like she could be skinny.”

What an arsehat. Where would you be without your airbrushing, Kyle? You’d be here: photos of Kyle Sandilands.

It’s pretty unfair of News.com.au to use an old photo of Magda in the story.

Update September 9: Kyle Sandilands has been suspended again. 2Day FM acted quickly over this one (unlike last time):

“2Day FM believes the comments made by Kyle were unacceptable and sincerely apologises and regrets any offence they caused,” a statement from Austereo said.

3 responses to “Haven’t we had enough of Kyle Sandilands?

  1. Well I for one have had enough of this pathetic excuse for a man. As an “entertainer” he fails miserably and only appeals to those with the lowest intellect. The sooner 2Day FM works out that this mean little man is a liability the better!

    • How bad does he have to be before he gets the arse? The sad thing is he might get into more trouble over this than his last effort. Sad, because his disgusting comments were made regarding a cultural taboo (concentration camps) about an adult woman who is perfectly capable of publicly telling him to go fuck himself, whereas the other victim of his ‘humour’ was a scared underaged girl who had no way of publicly rebuking him without revealing her identity.

  2. Indeed! The fact that he was kept on after the incident with that poor girl is just insane. None of his crude stunts impress me, but I have less objection when it’s a consenting adult making a fool of themselves at his urging than I have with these latest stunts.
    – I thought Magda handled this latest situation with class 🙂

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