Why women have sex?

The Daily Telegraph has an article today on why women have sex. Apparently it’s because we’ve got a headache, we’re bored, and we want to bargain over housework, rather than passion or romance. Or lust, or drunkenness.

Instead of ripping the silly article to pieces – it lists all the reasons that paint women in a bad light, then throws in “for many women sex is just about fun” at the end – I thought I’d look at the comments it’s generating on News.com.au (they’ve picked it up, and the Tele doesn’t seem to be publishing comments). Will keep updating throughout the day.

This one shouldn’t have been published: So we had to get a group of people from texas to do a study, to find out all women are a bunch of materialistic harlets!! you could of asked any bloke that
Posted by: rufio montoya of sydney 2:28am today
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Just more post-modernist crap – women have sex to feel secure and to make sure they can procreate just like cats or dogs. Equally so for men. It is man’s biological mission to spread his seed – women receive it, end of story. [I left the rest of the comment out because it was boring]. Posted by: Adam Mullett of Perth 3:51am today
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Update: No comments have been published since 10.53am. It’s now 4.11pm. That’s a shame. I had my moral high horse all saddled up and ready to go.

Update 2: A few more comments, including this charming one: Women having sex for something in return…..where I come from we call them ‘prostitutes’.
Posted by: Perth Boy of Perth 4:46pm today
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Hard to believe there are only 23 comments on a story about sex. Either there isn’t anyone moderating comments today, or most of them are unpublishable.

One response to “Why women have sex?

  1. Oh the crazy, wacky things people say. 😦

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