The Opposition is no place for women

The Opposition’s spokesman for defence personnel made me laugh so hard I almost forgot I want to punch him:

THE Federal Opposition has declared the frontline of war is no place for women but insists it supports gender equality in the Australian Defence Force… Bob Baldwin said psychological aspects of battle made the frontline unsuitable for women.

“The Coalition believes in the equality of opportunity for women in the defence force,” he said.

“The Coalition, however, doesn’t agree with the placement of women into forces such as the SAS, clearance divers, commandos or frontline combat engineers.”

Ha ha ha, fuck off. You can’t believe in equality only in certain positions.

I’m not interested in joining the army – when my little brother was talking about it during the Howard years I felt sick, but that was more to do with my disgust with the Government than being opposed to the army itself. I realise we need one even if I don’t agree with what they’re sent to do. Oh, and I know a guy in the army and he’s a wanker. But I’ll argue for my right to join. It’s not like they let any old fat male slob into the SAS, so if someone’s up to the job, regardless of what’s in their pants, then what’s the problem?

One response to “The Opposition is no place for women

  1. Hmm, it is the women and children first in the lifeboats scenario. Seriously though, if I was on the titanic and that was the option, I am very likely choose at that precise moment to forget that I am a feminist and indulge the patriarchy their whimsy 🙂

    Having said that, I guess if a woman is willing to die on the front line for her country then she has the same right to be shot at as her male counterpart.

    Mind you, we all know this is less about women’s skill in soldiery and more about the politics of it – photos of dead women in body bags makes for poor media coverage. Must be because we are more ‘helpless and innocent’ or something!!!!!

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