Sam Brett thinks heels earn respect

Today’s Sydney Morning Herald Life and Style email – always a reminder that I’m not their target audience – had this little teaser for Sam Brett’s blog: Do men really have more respect for women in heels?

Heels earn respect? I laughed so hard my feet hurt. The rest of her blog wasn’t so funny. It was dull, rehashed rubbish about how heels give your bum a lift, give you bunions and the “shoegasm” – the “euphoric feeling like no other that hits a woman every time she spots that perfect pair of designer heels on sale, in her size, in her favourite colour“. Guess I’ve been missing out.

But the worrying thing is the extended headline: Killer high heels – turn on or turn off? While her blog post is ostensibly about women and heels, it’s really about telling women what to do to be sexy for men.

However, there is a bit of humour at the end:

What I didn’t realise at the time was that by not wearing heels while working in one of the world’s top newsrooms, I was actually shooting myself in the foot (metaphorically speaking) for any chance at a promotion.

“If you want to get noticed around here you’d better put on some high heels,” one of the senior male producers sternly warned me. When I told him my sad shoe tale, he laughed, retracted his statement and apologised. But the sentiment still stuck. Do men really have more respect for women in heels?

Ha, ha, she thinks he was talking about respect.

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