The ego epidemic

According to The Daily Mail, we’re in the middle of an ego epidemic: How more and more of us women have an inflated sense of our own fabulousness:

“More of us have huge expectations of ourselves, our lives and everyone in them. We think the universe resolves around us, with a deluded sense of our own fabulousness, and believe we are cleverer, more talented and more attractive than we actually are.”

Buried way down in the article is a quote from a woman who runs a dating agency, saying there’s a small group of women with a strong sense of entitlement. And then a stat, saying that 10 per cent of the American popular has narcissim as a full-blown personality disorder. But hey, let’s tar all women with the narcissistic brush and be yet another article that lumps women into one group and tells them what to do.

And what to do, yet again, means how to be attractive to men. The article finishes with loads of quotes from two guys who went on a few bad dates:

“I know there are a lot of single women who say things like they’re too independent, too feisty, too confident or too successful for men. Or they claim that men are intimidated by strong, intelligent and independent women. But this is simply not the case. I think they just tell themselves this. It’s a way of rationalising things. It’s as if it’s easier for them to believe their own myths than to face reality – that they are completely ordinary.”

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