Standing by the cliches

Not only do we get the “standing by her man” tripe in the media every time some bloke has an affair, but now Belinda Neal has been given a makeover.

As puts it:

JUST days after she discovered that her husband of 23 years had been cheating on her with a much younger woman, federal MP Belinda Neal enjoyed a makeover and glamour photo shoot in an upmarket Canberra hotel.

Sporting a stylish blonde bob, pearl earrings and a crisp Carla Zampatti shirt, Ms Neal put on a brave face to pose for The Australian Women’s Weekly and to declare that she is standing by her man, NSW MP John Della Bosca.

Husband’s affair on the front page of the paper? A bit of concealer and a sweep of blush will fix that. Husband been sticking his dick where it don’t belong? A new haircut will sort that out.

I don’t have anything against makeovers, or anyone getting one in a magazine. She may have been convinced to have the makeover after the affair became public, or it may have been booked in weeks earlier. The problem I have with this story is the way it’s written. It trivialises Neal’s response to Della Bosca’s affair, implying that a bit of makeup to make her look girly is all she needs to feel better.

4 responses to “Standing by the cliches

  1. no, no no its not to make her feel better its to make her LOOK better. if only she had looked better he wouldn’t have strayed in the first place, its her only fault :-). bad wife bad don’t know how to ‘keep her man’!!!

  2. I feel nauseous at the very thought of being available for Della.

    Speaking of which I got a bizarre email today from an acting type guy I know – total sleaze bag. Anyway he sent an email (to his entire address book it seems) telling us about an award he won (like I care)…and in the email he threw in a comment that he met Della and Belinda and how lovely they both were. v random, I thought!

  3. I don’t usually reply to posts but I will in this case, great info…I will add a backlink and bookmark your site. Keep up the good work! 🙂

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