Lies, models and Madison

Having air-brushed teenagers advertising anti-ageing products is bad enough, but now we’ve got Madison magazine using a photo of Christy Turlington when she was 31 – she’s now 40 – as the “poster girl of ageing with grace”.

Readers aren’t told that the photo of what a 40-year-old supposedly looks like is a decade old.

And editor Paula Joye’s comment when approached by the Sunday Telegraph?

“I refuse to justify this stitch-up with a comment.”

Would that be the Tele’s stitch-up, or hers?

Mind you, I’m not surprised. A few years ago Madison‘s beauty editor completely plagiarised an article I wrote for the Sydney Morning Herald Essential lift-out, on the beauty cost of alcohol. Some paragraphs were word for word. I contacted Joye about it and she ignored me. Classy. And with just one blog post, I’ve ensured I’ll never work there.

4 responses to “Lies, models and Madison

  1. Name and shame, hombre. Fuck ’em. You don’t want to work there.

  2. isn’t plagiarism illegal!

    • Not really. It’s very bad form though. Hope the beauty editor got a slap on the wrist at least and that all her other work is viewed with suspicion.

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