The Brynne Gordon breast backhander

The insulpliment – an insult masquerading as a compliment – is back. Again. In today’s Sydney Morning Herald, The Age‘s fashion editor Janice Breen Burns is supposedly writing in defence of Brynne Gordon’s Brownlow dress (I think) but manages to give her a dirty backhander:

Before she arrived like a gust of modern cliches at the Brownlow Medal dinner – tall, tanned, young, buxom, platinum blonde, wearing a crystal spangled gown split to the waist and on the arm of her elderly fiance (once disgraced medical entrepreneur and former owner of the Sydney Swans, Geoffrey Edelsten) – Brynne Gordon was nobody in particular.

Riiight, because everyone’s heard of Janice Breen Burns. And does that mean that everyone who hasn’t been frocked up on the red carpet is “nobody in particular”. My, what a sad little world.

She follows this up with the completely disingenuous:

This was a runaway media phenomenon with full public participation and nobody – not even this reporter, who was loath to exploit either Gordon’s vulnerability if she was unaware of the effect her dress would have, or her cunning if she was – had a choice but to play along.

Oh, fuck off. No one believes you don’t want to participate.

Gordon simply delivered herself, stripped (half-literally) and stamped like fodder for the mill. ”I think I looked beautiful,” she told reporters on Tuesday, then on Wednesday, then again on Thursday, as her crystal-encrusted breasts loomed larger and larger in the media: ”I think I looked fantastic.”

Wow, could she mock her any louder? Fashion editors crack me up when they have a go at anyone who dares to wear something that’s not on the “This is hot right now” list. Likewise Fernando Frisoni’s Urban Style thing in the Sun Herald – have you ever seen so many people looking the same yet thinking they look original?

Anyway, I’ve read Janice Breen Burns’ piece twice and I’m still not sure what she’s trying to say. If she’s having a whinge that women are judged harshly if they “don’t get it quite right” then why does she have a go at Gordon? On third reading, I think she’s saying that if you’ve got small boobs you can show cleavage, but if they’re bigger than a B, keep ’em away. I ain’t reading it a fourth time.

4 responses to “The Brynne Gordon breast backhander

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  2. I quite liked the dress. It just wasn’t on the right boobs.

    • I personally wouldn’t have worn it – you know what I’m like about (not) flashing my flesh – but I think it was great that she did. Made a change from all the boring stuff you see on Australian red carpets.

  3. It was in my mind an UGLY dress, not at all my style, you wouldn’t get me in it if you paid me – but she had every right to wear it and if she thought she looked and felt great in it then hopefully what others think wont matter to her.

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