Search and you won’t find nipples

I love the search terms people use to find me. Some of my favourites are:

will women smell when they are wet on be” (whatever the hell that means?)
why do women have extended nipples
sexist nipples” (damn those sexist nipples)
women with great nipples
marina berlusconi nipples out
drink nipples of women” (how do you drink nipples?
nipple of bollywood actors” (not sure I’ve mentioned Bollywood. Ever. And why are they searching for one nipple?)

I wonder how disappointed they are to find this is not a nude news blog?

Update: A couple of funnies have come in:

long nipple man foto
monster old nipples

And, disturbingly:
child nipples

Update 2: A few more odd ones:

sarah brown nude fuck
flu and tampons” (is there some bogus health scare I don’t know about?)

Update 3: Reckon I’m just going to keep adding to this post as they come in:
catfight rip secretary” (I have no way to explain how this found me)
mean and way to have longer nipples
quotes on feet hurt wearing heels funny
40 years old blond woman with big nipple

3 responses to “Search and you won’t find nipples

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  2. Strangely, the term “i’m looking for young girls to fuck and suck in sydney” showed up in my search terms last week.

    I laugh at the thought of some douche typing that into a search engine and then landing at my blog. I hope his erection was permanently dysfunctionalised.

    • It’s a bit worrying how the search engine directed that to you. Or perhaps the search engine is a feminist and was trying to thwart him with some education?

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