Are Aussie racists stupid too?

Well, it does look that way, at least as far as the Hey hey it’s Saturday blackface story goes.

At the Herald Sun, Colin Vickery was hammered in an opinion piece by readers for saying Hey Hey is copping flak and rightly so:

JP of Sydney Posted at 12:43 PM Today
Your poll has over a 1000 votes and 75% believe it wasn’t racist and nor do I. Lighten up and stop being some politically correct do gooder. I am sick of people like you trying to stamp your moral ground on us. Obviously a Labor leftie you also had to mention Rudd and his useless ‘sorry’ to the ‘saved’ generation. You are a twit.


martin of bayside Posted at 12:58 PM Today
Colin Vickery — You idiot ==That skit was NOT racist in AUSTRALIA it only became racist because there was a yank on the show and his reaction was way of the line for Australia ==just look back at newman and ali ==So you want every country to take up the USA standards == == How about doing us a favor you go and live there

Yahoo readers spewed the standard vitriol towards Harry Connick Jr, mainly telling him to go home, but some perversely calling him the racist. Except for a voice in the ugly wilderness called Baker:

No wonder Australia is always high up there as one of the most racist countries in the world! 80% think it was Ok because they are white and do not know what it feels like to be discriminated against because of the colour of your skin. Let black people and other non whites make fun of themselves.

Then there’s all the readers at SHOUTING IN CAPITALS that the skit wasn’t racist and that political correctness has gone mad. Check out poor, misguided reader Sigi:

remember the black and white ministrial show on australian television, this was americans dress and face painted, it seems the americans and australians just see no humor and can’t laugh at anything any more. And didn’t a simillar skit get done with the Lady co-host years ago. I think Micheal Jackson would be proud to think that he is remember, with such good humor by people he knew.
Posted by: sigi of qld 3:28pm today

At 4.32pm, the poll results were:

Was Hey Hey’s Jackson Jive skit tasteless and racist?

Yes 27% (2589 votes)

No 72% (6748 votes)

Clearly we’ve got a long, long way to go.

4 responses to “Are Aussie racists stupid too?

  1. Nobody appears to have noticed a far less ambiguous “is this racist or not?” moment from the show.
    I just posted on this here….

    Look at the last video from those three…. in the subsequent furore, that line of Somers appears to have been forgotten

    • Absolutely. And from the footage of Somers on the news, he still doesn’t know why it was racist. Most Australians also don’t know why it was racist: “It’s just the Aussie sense of humour”.

  2. did you see the discssion on Q & A about it. Dr Greer made some v valid points and so did that Todd guy. In fact I liked a lot of what he had to say. The stupid young climate change sceptic Tory doesn’t believe that Australians are racist at all and this is prooven by his own “multicultural family” consisting of ‘Aussies’, Danes, Italians, Irish and Dutch relatives (hmm all white though aren’t they!!)

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