Strange days

Do you have those days where you end up just doing laps of the house?

I’m having one of those days.

It’s like I woke up and forgot what I do all day. And I’m woefully underemployed, so sometimes I do wonder what I do all day.

I got home late last night after seeing Whip It, and was a bit too excited – albeit excited quietly, so I didn’t wake Man Friend – thinking about finally having the balls to join a roller derby team. 1am rolled around pretty quickly. So I slept in this morning, hence the feeling listless. Or is that just me that happens to?

Anyway, it got me thinking about free time and how I’m really good at wasting it. A couple of friends are heading to South America in a few days, and at the pub with them last week Dan Friend was saying how he wished he had all the spare time I do. (I only work part time at the moment.) I said I wished I had enough of an income to save money to go on holidays like he and Jess Friend are always doing. Is it always a trade-off?

3 responses to “Strange days

  1. Oooh, how was Whip it? I had someone I’ve never met tell me on twitter that I should go, he thought I’d like it. I think I’d like it too.

    I work full time and don’t have money to go on holidays either. But that’s mostly because I haven’t developed much maturity beyond that of a five year old and I can’t save AT ALL.

    • newswithnipples

      It’s such good fun! I wish I was tough enough (and a bit younger) to join the Sydney league. Two things I didn’t like – the very last shot I thought was unnecessary, and Juliette Lewis has a really lame line at the end. But they’re my only gripes. It’s so clearly directed by a woman as it’s about the action rather than focussing on female body parts. Such a refreshing change.

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