Nedahl Stelio’s Kerr defence

A few days ago I saw those bony photos of Miranda Kerr and didn’t think too much of it. She’s a model – ie, skinny – and it could just be a bad photo. (It does, however, irk me that she’s always called curvy. Yeah, curvy my arse.)

But then I saw what Nedahl Stelio wrote in her Cocolee blog:

Is there nothing else to write about? Must newspapers make up crap in order to sell something?

And this coming from a celebrity/fashion writer. Pot, meet kettle.

She might be working out more, so has more lean muscle which is what this photo is showing, but I’m certain that if you bent her over while she was shooting Victoria’s Secret, her ribs would show. That’s the nature of skinny women, that’s what they look like.

Time to stop being shocked at it and realise that when this happens in magazines, they airbrush out the ribcage.

I wonder if Stelio wrote this without a hint of irony. To have made a career out of peddling the idea that if you starve yourself you too can be model-thin, while at the same time hiding what you’ll really look like. Sure, the articles in Cleo and Cosmo – where she’s worked – may not directly say thin is better, but the images that fill the mags are screaming it.

Stelio needs to decide what her message is and stick to it. A week or so ago she was saying “HALLE-FRICKING-LUJAH!!!” over German mag Brigitte using real women instead of models, and now she’s saying that rather than being pissed off by what mags do to photos, we should just get over it.

Now, I’m not picking on Nedahl – “Nedahl Stelio” has turned up in my search terms so I’m pretty sure she’s found me – but I think she is in a position where does have a lot of influence. After all, her bio on The Punch says:

She’s had a weekly celebrity gossip segment on 2DayFM, was a regular panellist on Beauty and the Beast, was a regular guest on Channel V, has been a guest judge for two seasons on Australia’s Next Top Model, was a regular on the Kyle & Jackie O Show on 2DayFm and has done a multitude of media – radio, TV, web shows – associated with anything relevant to the female segment of the 18-39 market.

So if she believes that thin is better/magazines should be able to do what they want to images/anyone bigger than a size 10 should never leave the house, then just come out and say it. Don’t pretend to be “sticking up for normal chicks”. It’s as bad as Sam de Brito saying he’s a feminist.

5 responses to “Nedahl Stelio’s Kerr defence

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  3. Wow…I just read the post of Nedahl’s on Anna Paquin’s *incredible beach fashion mistake*. I believe the real advice in her ‘note to self’ should be ‘one should not write with excessive overuse of ‘one’ or one comes of as a wanker’.
    EXTRA BELLY INCHES???????? Are they tucked around on her back and only Nadahl has seen the incriminating evidence? Paquin looks amazing and her tummy has no extra millimetres let alone inches. She looks like a gorgeous and happy frolicker…I just don’t get it. At all. It came off as pointless and bitchy.

    • Did you read the conversation I tried to have with her about Amy Winehouse? She – and many of her readers – just didn’t get it at all. When I said there’s a difference between critiquing someone’s style and making nasty comments about them as a person, she thought I was saying Amy Winehouse looked great.

  4. No, I’ve never read her or heard of her…I liked it better that way. Just what the world needs, another woman writing bitchy judgmental comments about other womens’ appearances!

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