When feminists attack

Is Greg Thom scared of feminists? It does seem that way, given his piece in the Herald Sun: Feminists attack multimedia beauty pageant where men vote on bikini-clad women.

FEMINISTS have attacked a multimedia beauty pageant in which men cast votes on bikini-clad women.

The thing is, I have to applaud him for his first sentence. For once, the protagonist in a news story is given top billing. It makes a nice change from “Three schoolgirls have been raped by a man,” which makes the story about the victims, not the criminal. (And why are they always schoolgirls who are sexually assaulted, not girls? Is it so people will think about schoolgirl fantasies, so they’ll believe the girls somehow asked for it by wearing their school uniforms?)

A reel of still images and video produced for each one will then be shown as part of a Miss Universe-style fashion show on digital TV channel ONE HD, broadcast on the web, in 300 live venues around the country, and streamed to iPhone users.

The whole thing being streamed to iPhone users does seem a little sleazy – rather than looking at the women on your computer at work, you can go and bat off in the toilet.

Contestant Alana de Freitas does make a very good point though:

Criticism from women’s groups was misplaced, she said. “A lot of the girls use their profiles to draw attention to charities and things,” she said. “Just because you’ve got some photos of yourself in a bikini doesn’t mean you’re not a good person or you don’t care about the world.”

6 responses to “When feminists attack

  1. I think the school girl thing is to highlight their age. They are at school ergo young ergo more innocent ergo rape is therefore somehow worse than if it occured to a woman over 18.

    PS I hate the word ergo (and people who use it) and have to apologise for using it (albeit ironically I hope) 3 times in the above statement.

    • newswithnipples

      But it’s not to highlight their age, otherwise ‘teen’ could be used. When something bad happens to a boy, he’s always referred to by the media as ‘boy’ but never ‘schoolboy’. Actually, that’s not entirely true. He’s called ‘schoolboy’ when he does something good, like winning a prize. But whenever a girl gets raped, news sites (and newspapers and radio and tv) call her a schoolgirl.

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  3. pps a colleague at work (as femo as you can ever hope for) was ‘attacked’ by another colleague (the weird new temp who flirts with the guy with 2 ‘wives’ and bad breath – odd!) for not being feminist enough. My friend was consoling a girl who was out of work and saying ‘at least you can survive on your husband’s salary briefly til you get a new job’. To my colleague it was irrelevant whether the partner was husband, female partner, father, flatmate she just meant at least you are not alone and won’t starve. . . to ‘weird temp’ she was destroying 30 years of progression.

    pps I did the annoying swap of the subject then sorry – cant be bothered to restructure my sentence.

  4. “Just because you’ve got some photos of yourself in a bikini doesn’t mean you’re not a good person or you don’t care about the world.”

    But still quite happy to take female beauty privilege and run with it to satisfy twat culture…I once drunkenly heckled a “Miss University” pageant by calling out “Show us your brains” to the contestants… I nearly got thrown out by the bouncers! But seriously Ms University?!?! WTF? Six years later I’m still spewing about the idea!

    • newswithnipples

      But I’m sure if you were a bloke and yelled “show us yer tits” it would be fine, what with being a “beauty pageant”.  

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