The Education Department blames the victim

Buried at the bottom of a court report in today’s Sydney Morning Herald is scary glimpse of what you’ll face if you take on the NSW Education Department: Teen punched and threatened before suicide, inquest told. The story is about 14-year-old Alex Wildman, who committed suicide last year, most likely after being bullied at Kadina High School in Lismore.

The Education Department’s legal counsel, Donna Ward, has yet to cross-examine Mrs Kelly [Alex’s mum] but said: “There’s either a bullying problem that follows Alex … through a range of high schools, but … perhaps there’s hypersensitivity within the family that they label as bullying.”

Ms Ward cited the nervous breakdown of Alex’s stepfather, Bill Kelly, and his mother’s anti-depressant medication during yesterday’s proceedings.

Their son killed himself, yet Ward (and therefore the Education Department) thinks it should be sunshine and lollipops in the Kelly house. And Alex had a knife held to his stomach on one occasion and was bashed on another, yet she says the family is “hypersensitive” to bullying.

4 responses to “The Education Department blames the victim

  1. Perhaps Donna Ward should do her homework a little better…. Alex was not bullied through a “range” of schools. Had he have been left with his father, where he had chosen to live, I am sure he would still be alive today, The problems at his Sydney High School had all be resolved; through the work of his father. Perhaps Donna you should ask how it is that Alex came to be at Lismore in the first place Tracey Wildman, Alex’s Auntie

    • Tracey, is this something you can talk more about on this site, or would you rather talk privately?

      • I would think the question would be better directed at Ms Kelly and see if you get a straight answer. Also when Alex’s father was asked about the inquest he said categorically NO. Do you have any idea how hard it is for the Wildman side of the family to have all this dragged up again, at no stage has anyone mentioned Alex’s fathers suffering, myself, my parents (Alex’s grandparents), no all we have to hear about costantly is MS Kelly, and ridiculous comments from Billy and statements like Alex’s Father, Billy, there is another side to this story, dig a little deeper….All the inquest has done is to drag Alex’s name into the gutter, and have accusations and innuendo’s placed on the poor babies sole

        • newswithnipples

          You’re right – I haven’t heard a single thing about his father. I can’t imagine how hard it must be for you to be going through such a public inquest, on top of your grief.

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