Rudd’s Tuckey turkey

Kevin Rudd pulling out the angry language on Wilson Tuckey doesn’t make sense.

Earlier today, Tuckey said: “There could be the occasional terrorist in a boatload of people… if you want to get into Australia, you know, and you have bad intentions, what do you do? You insert yourself into a crowd of 100, for which there is great sympathy for the other 99.”

Rudd then said: “I think these are deeply divisive, disgusting remarks and they do not belong in any mainstream political party. Mr Turnbull should show some leadership and withdraw his support for Mr Tuckey’s preselection as a Liberal candidate for the next election.”

So here’s the thing. If Rudd is so outraged by the suggestion that there could be a terrorist hiding onboard a refugee boat* – outraged by the suggestion that they aren’t genuine refugees – then why is he paying Indonesia to keep the boats away from Australia?

He then went on to say “We’ve already tossed back to various countries around the world people who did not pass basic refugee tests”. Perhaps ‘sent’ would have been a better word, Mr Rudd. Particularly when you’ve described the Government’s asylum seeker policies as “tough but humane”.

* I believe that anyone who tries to get to Australia by boat must be desperate, and since almost all who arrive this way are found to be genuine refugees, it really pisses me off that politicians use this issue to create fear. Besides, if you were a terrorist, why would you come by boat only to have your background thoroughly checked, when you can just fly in on a tourist visa?

4 responses to “Rudd’s Tuckey turkey

  1. Your last statment sums it all up perfectly

    • newswithnipples

      For the life of me, I can’t understand why people think terrorists would come to Australia this way. For fuck’s sake, the September 11 terrorists flew business class!

  2. Australians can be persuaded that anyone who is different is a terrorist.

    Really, Aus politicians have it so easy here as far as “Fear of The Other” campaigns. We just slurp it up, but then we get really offended if anyone dares to suggest we might be racist.

    The ideological differences between the Howards and the Rudds are becoming less and less visible.

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