Has Sam de Brito given up?

It’s midday, dark, pissing down with rain, and I’m supposed to be finishing my PhD application. There’s water seeping through the walls and on the living room floor because the landlord has ignored three years of requests for the useless guttering to be replaced. So much for protecting your investment. But they have just put the rent up again.

Man Friend is at uni (hopefully) finishing an assigment for his Masters. My best friend and her partner are packing up their house to leave Sydney in two days. We’ll grab a couple of pizzas for them tonight, and then there will 400km between us.

As I said, I’m meant to be PhD-ing, which is why I just read Sam de Brito’s column in today’s Sun Herald. (Hendo, this one’s for you.) Sam’s topic is “why veganism is against nature”. His arguments are so obvious that I’m not sure he even believes them himself. Maybe he was having a bad writing day?

Is there anything more tedious than a vegan?

I dunno Sam, what about a tired cliche? That’s pretty tedious.

Vegans, especially the militant, preachy ones, tell us eating meat is barbaric and unncessary, yet they wouldn’t have a mind complex enough to conceive of the term “barbarism” or be able to spell the word “unnecessary” if it wasn’t for the increased brain-size meat provided for our distant ancestors.

Oh, yawn. C’mon Sam, it’s like you’re not even trying anymore. Why not just say “if we weren’t meant to eat animals, then why are they made of meat”?

3 responses to “Has Sam de Brito given up?

  1. Wow, that guy always seems like he’s reaching with his articles – but that’s pretty stupid.

    “Is there anything more tedious than a vegan?”

    I don’t know, is there anything more tedious than a steak-guzzling-arsehole? IMHO

    None of these veg*n bashers seem to understand that meat was still a rarity for our ancestors.

    • newswithnipples

      And just because we did something one way in the past, doesn’t mean we always have to do it that way in the future. After all, we shit in toilets now.

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