Body image and body snarking

Now, although there’s something distasteful about two women who have been complicit in creating body image issues in young people launching a report on promoting healthy body image in young people, I do have to applaud Sarah Murdoch and Mia Freedman for doing so.

I think part of the way out of this nasty place we’re in is pulling people up for body snarking. Most of the time they don’t even realise that what they’re saying is nasty. Check out the fun I’ve been having on Nedahl Stelio’s blog, where she thinks calling Amy Winehouse’s body “tragic” and saying she probably has rats in her hair is simply helpful criticism. (Wonder if she’ll thank me for generating the most comments ever on her blog?) Unfortunately, the best comment isn’t mine, but is from A Ravishing Beauty:

Wow ‘Vicky’ Beckham! I take it from that little vignette that you are BFF with the Beckhams then. No? Well perhaps you know Amy intimately and personally. As you prefix your statements with “knowing Amy” I can only assume you do.

I believe the reality is, however, that you know neither of them and that you are just a bitchy wannabe with access to the internet. News with nipples, I am with you. They are horrible unhelpful comments and it just goes to show that women don’t need men to put us down when other chicks are still the best at doling out the moral outrage at someone’s choice of hair do.

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