Is AAP scared of F and Y?

With just one sentence – the first sentence – AAP has trivialised a candidate for the Sydney seat of Bradfield: Sex Party signs up feminist pole dancer:

A GENERATION Y feminist pole dancer named Zahra Stardust will be the Australian Sex Party’s candidate for the Bradfield by-election in December.

Generation Y! A feminist! A pole dancer! With a stage name! Get outta here!

In a story of just nine sentences, it’s not until the fifth sentence that we get to know about her credentials – other than the ones that excited a journo at AAP:

Ms Stardust, a law graduate whose real name is Marianna Leishman, has a colourful resume. Among stints at the United Nations and an ongoing masters degree, the feminist “Gen Y” writer also twirls fire, teaches pole dancing and swings from a trapeze for a living.

She has worked extensively with refugees and in indigenous affairs, and “hopes to seek resonance” with people in the Bradfield electorate who care about social justice and human rights issues, the statement said.

Call me crazy, but I would have thought she has a strong social justice resume, rather than a “colourful” one. And isn’t what she did during her “stints” at the UN a tad more important that the fact that she makes a living being hired by PR people to perform at corporate parties? And while I’ve saddled up this particular high horse, do we need to be told twice that she’s Gen Y? Most of us probably figured that out when told she’s 26. And if it’s so important to mention the generation, why isn’t that of Liberal candidate Paul Fletcher included?

7 responses to “Is AAP scared of F and Y?

  1. People my age (except me, because I am fucking maaaad) are fucking idiots. So many women I know in their early to mid twenties are dreaming about getting married to, moving in with or playing housewife with a dude.

    Gen Y is really not a good example of humanity.

    • newswithnipples

      I’ve read that it’s because they looked at Gen X – stressed, angry, trying to juggle everything – and thought, ‘I don’t want that’. I can’t say I blame them.

      • Maybe? I’d say that sounds pretty likely. I just think its because an overwhelming number of people aged 13-30 are fucking morons. Or maybe it was people general. I always get the two confused.

        • Thank goodness I’m too old to be in that category! At uni, my mate Suzie and I used to say that half the world are fucking idiots, and the other half are fucking idiots. Whoa, works on two levels.

  2. I hate gen y almost as much as brussel sprouts.

  3. I have the same feelings towards Gen Y that I have to brussel sprouts.

    • Now now Lexy, making a blanket statement about hating Gen Y is the same as making one about hating women. I agree that some of them are really annoying, but then some Gen Xers are also really annoying.

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