Photoshop me a new arse

Ok, so about ten days ago we saw that Miranda Kerr is bony. Yet now – according to pics in The Vine – she has a full, rounded arse:

Miranda Kerr

Yeah. Right.

Have a closer look at the centre pic. Someone’s had fun with it, but the proportions are all wrong. She’s not arching her body, yet we’re to believe that her buttocks stick out like that? The more you look at it the more you realise how ridiculous it is. Like Eminem doing Kim Kardashian in that film clip where he took the piss out of other celebrities. If that was really Miranda Kerr’s arse she’d be famous for it.

5 responses to “Photoshop me a new arse

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  2. coxy tried to tell me this was miranda kerr..
    i vehemently denied it.. so im glad it isnt the “real” miranda kerr

    • That’s the problem – no one you see in magazines is “real”. Did you see Hungry Beast’s thing last night on how tween mags are not included in the new voluntary code of conduct for magazines?

  3. This has photoshop written all over it, of course, but just wanted to point out that when I stand up straight my back curves like that and my arse sticks out like that. Almost exactly like that centre picture, actually.

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