Please vacate this seat for a fat woman

I saw this sticker on a Sydney bus a while ago, but today I had a camera with me. Sorry about the crap quality. I had to quickly take it:


What are these symbols supposed to mean? Please give up your seat for someone who isn’t able bodied, for an old woman (because we’ve been trained to recognise that dress shape + handbag in hand + curved body = elderly woman) and for a woman with a fat arse.

10 responses to “Please vacate this seat for a fat woman

  1. hey I’m not complaining i now qualify for a seat in 2 categories!

  2. I would suggest that rather than scoliosis, the middle image suggests elderly dancing ladies. You still count in two Lexy?

    I would further suggest that to qualify in category three you need point out that your arse is fat.

    • Ooh, Man Friend. Gave me quite a tingle to see that you’ve come to play. But yes, we should all give up our seats for elderly dancing ladies and for women pointing to their fat arses. And one-legged men.

  3. if the third image had more rotund ankles she could be pregnant..

    i used to like peeling off ye olde bus stickers so it said something along the lines of “please eat elderly or less mobile passengers”

    you had to scratch out the letters from “vacate this s(eat) for”

    perhaps the new images are in as a direct result of my pre-pubescent tomfoolery

  4. things usually are my fault.
    if something goes wrong, ever, just blame me!

  5. Oh my god, I have a spectacularly big arse. I would love it if people gave me priority seating on Sydney buses.

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