More like Betsy Jinxx

Since I only work part time, I have a lot of spare time that I don’t use very well. I’m really good at doing nothing. The upside is I’m relaxed. The downside is I’m wasting time that could be spent reading, or practising my tap dancing, or improving my Spanish or shorthand. So I’ve decided to embark on a mini ‘How to be fabulous’ thing, but without spraypainting myself orange.

I started yesterday by looking for a pair of swimmers – which, if you know me, is pretty amazing since most of my body hasn’t seen the sunlight in over a decade. Possibly two decades. (I like to call my particular shade of whiteness my moon tan.)

I’m after a bikini because peeling off a one-piece to go to the toilet makes me feel vulnerable. I think I’ve mentioned before that I have a set of knockers, so finding a bikini is troublesome, particularly since the current thing is for padded and push up tops. I tried some on. And laughed. And then laughed again. Just thinking about moving made my boobs sway like a waterbed, so they’re not really something I can do laps in. If anyone knows of a good brand, please let me know.

So, why the heading? When I started thinking about someone who lives their life with passion, I thought of Man Friend’s sister. Betsy’s life is about passion and fun and creativity. And that’s what I’ve forgotten about lately.

2 responses to “More like Betsy Jinxx

  1. I have heaps of info for cossies for ladies with big boobies. But I can’t be bothered writing it down. Call me!

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