What’s so bad about being old school?

I’m off to the Media140 conference tomorrow and Friday to see if the experts can convince me to be on Facebook and Twitter. Showpony thinks I’m mad not to be using these tools, but I just don’t feel like they’re ‘me’. I don’t own ‘i’ things.

Let me explain. Eight or nine years ago, my boyfriend (who’s now my dickhead ex for more reasons than just this one) used to give me shit because I was still using my old tape walkman that I bought in year 6 (1988 if you want to know). It was held together by a rubber band, but worked fine. And it meant I could create my own mix tapes. Anyway, one Christmas he got really excited, saying his present would take me from being old school to being new school. Guess what it was? A fucking electric toothbrush. He’s lucky he didn’t get a toothbrush enema.

When I started this blog in March, I joked with the awesome tech editor at work that I’ve become a late nineties girl. I’m always being told by other journos that I should be tweeting my blog posts. I think that’s kinda rude. What do you guys think? Is Twitter worth it, or is it just journos plugging their stuff to other journos in the hope that they’ll seem relevant?

7 responses to “What’s so bad about being old school?

  1. twitter is over-rated..
    i like facebook because i can keep in touch with people all over the world and not have to rack up calls or email them en masse.. they can see what im doing and vice versa all the time.. so i guess you feel somehow connected to what theyre doing on the other side of the planet

    as for more local friends.. if anything facebook is a perfect tool for taking the piss out of them in public (oh and as a repository for photos)

  2. I’m trying to get twitter but… well… I don’t get twitter. I use facebook to keep up with family and friends but it’s lost the charm it once had for me… now it just feels like another electronic chore.

    Though I loves my iPod… waited ages for them to be released here and when I got my first one everyone looked at the white earbuds funny… but I knew I was cool :)… but then after Christmas that year so were lots of people… I totally love making my own playlists… and so much easier than the mixed tape!

  3. I have developed a ‘green’ aversion to electric toothbrushes – why use power or a battery when you dont need to..you know cos you have an arm and wrist and they move. I am yet to convince my man about this mind you he has an aversion to washing lines as well!

    I’m not on twitter either and I just don’t see teh point – I do liek facebook though – for all the reasons listed above plus it is useful for arranging parties and things. some of the politics is tricky though – eg people who want to befriend you on line that you have no desire to befriend.

  4. I think the reason people don’t get Twitter is because they don’t realise it’s really a chat room. It’s not an announcement system, it’s a meeting place. It’s kind of like the bar in Cheers, but for people who are glued to their computer screens all day (and in most cases, all night).

    The only way to ‘get’ Twitter is to use it for a while. You can’t just observe because it doesn’t make sense.

    I get the old school thing, though. A couple of years ago I got the tape player in my car replaced… with a new tape player. So I can play my tapes, you know? Also to make it theft-retardant. And my dictaphone is tape – normal tape, not mini-tape. So I can listen to them in the car! (Which I’ve never done.)

    • Tapes in the car are cool. But I get your point about Twitter. Which I think is why I’m so resistant to having a work account – we’re supposed to be using Twitter to plug our stories, and to me that’s not a conversation, that’s someone who doesn’t get it.

  5. you can buy a tape thing for your car that allows you to plug your ipod in so you can play your ipod through your car tape stereo system thingy…they don’t make teh equivalent for cd players. so that’s a victory for old school meeting new school. plus the tape thing is like $12 and meant I didn;t need to update my stereo! schweeeeeeet.

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